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Negroni, Negroni.....

Negroni. The perfect campanion to any days end. Or beginning. For that matter, a Negroni perfectly complements any day part you choose. The Negroni original is most commonly believed to folllow a sweet Italian tale of Count Camillo Negroni's request to his bartender to fortify and strengthen up his favorite 'Americano'....resulting in a gin-replaces-water-life-is-now-brilliant exuberant 'hoorah' from the count. Well, that last part was an embellishment, but none-the-less, the Negroni has made an official home in the US of A, and is by far a notable favorite of so many of my counterparts in the lovely San Fran. Twists on Negroni have now bceome a favorite bar-tender pasttime, and the Negroni, officially even has its own dedicated week of celebrations, sponsored by the Campari group. From the bar at Gitane Restaurant, I submitted this little doozy of a Negroni-spin off for the official Negroni Week, June 1-7, 2014. To taste it, is to love it. It's riffing with Sherry (hence the Spanish base of Gitane) and takes the Negroni to a whole new palate pleasing level.

It's name: The Perfect Sherroni, by the Gitane Bar Team.

Check out the recipe here!


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